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About Visage

Visage is an Irish clinic of aesthetic medicine. Their mission is to make the life of people better, make them happy and confident. They are real professionals in their field that has no right to mistake. In this case we tell how we drawn the designs and developed the website for those who have higher standards for aesthetics.


Primary Task

A complete redesign of all the pages and elements on the website. We were required to make put an accent on the visual content and the procedures in the clinic. For each procedure we had to develop a unique visualization. Besides that we had to increase the usability of the website and simplify the process of purchasing products from the catalogue.


Typography & Colors

Playfair Display


Thew new design includes more conservative colors, more elegant style that reminds of magazines. The visualization of sections is made closer to the classic style but we decided to add a shading effect on top when the user hovers the cursor on a specific procedure.


Procedures Page

This page is the second important page after the home page. When the homepage gives you a specific feeling for the website, the procedure page job is to imprint it. We used the same techniques as we used for the procedures on the homepage but here we addded a bit more text information about clinics where clients can purchase the procedure, some info about the procedure and couple of CTA (Call To Action) blocks to give the users the ability to contact a manager if they have any questions.


Other pages

The website consists of more than 30 pages and each of those has something unique. The pages also branches into particular services for which we created an additional navigation and pages. For the website we developed a testimonials page, shop in which the administrator can add products and a stylish blog in which the users can read the latest news learn about best offers.


Responsive Design

You can browse this website with display of any resolution. The website adapts for the device you're using: the less the device the more concentrated the information gets. On the smaller devices such as phones and tablets secondary elements like menus and background images collapsing leaving more space to the content. Buttons and other controls become bigger and easier to click on with a finger.



We made a huge work and left the client satisfied with it! While we were working the project got a few interesting features and improvements compared to the original website. Everything is completely manageable from the control panel with a couple of clicks.