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The Idea

We've been contacted by the client with the idea to create designs for a platform that gave the users a quick and easy way to make gifts. Users can choose gifts for themselves and their nearest and dearest, and able to see what other people want. Good range of products, simple purchasing process and ofcourse modern style. It's time to make presents!


We've made designs as it was a modern e-commerce weebsite. We used soft calming colors in order to create warm and welcoming look and feel for the website. We wanted to uderline that it's not yet another e-commerce website, the main goal of the project is to make presents, not to make profits.

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Finding Friends

The website has an easy way for adding the user that you want to send a present to.

You simply put their email address into the search field and if he doesn't have the EZspree account it will be created for him and he will receive an email notification about it. Then you pick your presents and EZspree will send it!


Picking Presents

The process of picking a present has 2 steps. At first you pick a present from Ebay, Amazon, Etsy. They're automatically being loaded on search. Then the user confirms that everything and correct and chooses the user that will receive the presents. It's also possible to create a wishlist which will help friends to get you exactly what you want.

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User Profile

This is the heart of the project since the main functions are located here. User can create and edit their contacts, assign a category for each contact, browse through the purchase history and see the activities of other users.

There also a section that allows to send an invitation to the project to your friends.

One of the biggest things here is the whishlist section. It allows you to find what your friends wants and make better presents!

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The designs contain beautiful and functional solutions that bring something new to the e-commerce table. We used a lot of pictures and visuals that underline the goals of the project. Even minor details were thought through